Hand-made from Socks!

Yes, they are literally creatures made from socks......with a little extra help from some stuffing, thread, buttons or beads and lots of loving care!

Each beastie has its own personality but all will be glad of a safe home and some TLC!

Please be sure to read the notes at the bottom of the page!

The Flippopotamus

With flippers - but there’s no chance of it escaping…or swimming.



The Fish

Two-finned fish of the fuzzy variety…what other kind is there?

Made with gaping mouth and flappy tail.



The Duck

Simple duck with fuzzy beak and scarf - no wings so it won’t fly away!



The Crocosnake

Crocodile head with snake body - has been known to swallow other toys, hence the lumps in its body.



The Contented Cat

Happy cat with cute smile - enough said.


Contented Cat

The Comforter

Simple cuddly beastie made with chunkier sock.

Has even been known to cuddle adults.



The Chunky Cat

Smiley cat with bow-tie, made with thicker sock - what a presentable puss!


Chunky Cat

The Cheshire Cat

Grinning cat, made with striped socks.

Just lies around, so not unlike a real cat - just without the mess…or smell.


Cheshire Cat

The Bumble

Simple stripey round style - bit of a bumbling idiot…but harmless.



The Big Cat - Fuzzy

Big cat style, still lying down and still doesn’t bite, but beware of its fuzziness.


Big Cat Fuzzy

The Big Cat

Big cat style, lying down, doesn’t bite.


Big Cat

The Froglet

Frog with lopsided eyes, and lovely lashes. Ribbit.



Sock creature designs are taken or adapted from those in the “Stray Sock Sewing” books by Daniel.

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