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Yes, they are literally creatures made from socks......with a little extra help from some stuffing, thread, buttons or beads and lots of loving care!

Each beastie has its own personality but all will be glad of a safe home and some TLC!

Please be sure to read the notes at the bottom of the page!

The Tweet

Flightless birdies, on account of having no wings. Silly tweets.



The Thing, thing, often found under beds. With ears and button eyes.



The Snowman

Snowman with hat and felt ‘carrot’ nose and either embroidered buttons or knitted scarf.

Will never melt - even if you take it to the Bahamas. Seriously, take us on holiday there and I’ll show you.  ;-)



The Nessie

Does it really exist? It must do…you’re looking at it!



The Long-Eared Mini

Mini rabbit-style with long ears.

Can be made with normal, cheeky or winking eyes.


Mini Long-Eared

The Long-Eared

Rabbit-style with long ears and optional ‘arms’. Just don’t mention the tail…



The Hippo

Large-headed hippo with contrasting body colour or jumper.

Looks angry, but he’s just serious - he has to be with a head that size.



Hair or Hat?

Simple sock doll whose ‘hair’ can be turned into a hat - depending on the weather.


Sock creature designs are taken or adapted from those in the “Stray Sock Sewing” books by Daniel.

The Fuzzy Mini

Choose between a Fuzzy Kitty, with pointy ears and whiskers, or a Scornful Beastie, with ‘horns’ and shifty eyes.


Fuzzy Cat Hair or Hat?

The Hallowe’en Long-Eared

Fuzzy rabbit-style in typical Hallowe’en colours, with long ears and fangs…yes, fangs, so watch out!


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Fuzzy Kitty

Scornful Beastie

The Winged Dragon

Dragon with little wings, pointy teeth and spikes down its back, so watch you don’t hurt yourself! (they’re felt, really)


**Jools Holland now owns one of these! (gifted at concert)

Winged Dragon

The Zebra

Rockin’ zebra, has been known to listen to AC/DC at great volume when everyone’s out the house…you have been warned…


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