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Jester Creations Hand-made Crafts


Dotty can often be found raiding the dress-up box or the make-up bag, and loves Hollywood glam.

Approx. 8 inches tall



Difficult to find within any toy-box, Terry likes to lose himself in his imagination.

Approx. 9 inches standing, 4 inches sitting



This little critter usually lives in the refrigerator, as he will happily munch on anything in there when there is no-one around.

Approx. 5 inches tall


Please note:  

Colours are not restricted to those in the pictures - please email me any preference, otherwise I shall select random, complementary colours.


Clive likes to mess about with computers - if you have ever noticed anything odd around your PC, chances are Clive is responsible.

Approx. 13 inches standing, 7 inches sitting


All designs by Rebecca Danger (although names have been changed to protect the innocent :-)

Knitted Monsters